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About Toland Law Firm

I have been practicing law for over two decades and sometimes feels like I have seen it all. However, I have learned that every situation is unique and that the best legal strategies are based not just on a clear understanding of the facts of each client’s situation, but also on a compassionate recognition of your fears, concerns and ultimate goals. I understand that the legal matter you are facing can have a significant impact on your life, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. You have the power to affect the outcome of whatever matter you are facing, and when you work with me, you will have an experienced and sympathetic advocate on your side.

Whether it’s an ugly divorce, a painful child custody battle, the loss of a loved one or financial disputes, I help people face their legal problems and assert their interests. You need someone who has the empathy to understand what you are going through, as well as the ability to help you develop a rational and logical plan to best address the situation. It’s my job to learn as much as I can about your case without judgment and to help you form a plan that needs your specific needs.

Aggressive Help Advocacy To Help You Obtain The Outcome You Deserve

In most situations, it is best for parties to attempt to find common ground on which they can agree and to resolve their disputes without excessive court costs and attorney’s fees. However, when no compromise can be reached, and you have no choice but to go to court, you need a knowledgeable and passionate advocate fighting for you and your family. My philosophy in life carries over to my practice: First, try very hard to get along and avoid a fight. But if we have to fight for your legal rights, we will fight to win.

Where I Come From

I am a native Hoosier who has been practicing law since 2001. I simultaneously earned my J.D. from the Indiana University School of Law and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

I live in Greenwood, Indiana with my wife and two children, who are both in college. My wife Maricel is originally from the Philippines, where she was a high school teacher. We met in Hong Kong while I was studying in China in 1999.

When not practicing law, we love to travel and see the world.

I am a member of a number of civic and community organizations, including:

  • Registered Mediator in Family Law
  • Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) for Kids Voice
  • Martinsville Church of the First Born, where I am an ordained minister and Bible teacher
  • Indiana State Bar Association
  • ITEX Barter Group
  • Indianapolis Filipino Barangay Association
  • Beyond Your Best

To learn more about my background and experience, click on the profile link below:

Shane Toland
Maricel Columna Toland

Learn More At An Initial Consultation

If you are seeking an approachable lawyer who will treat you with personal attention, look no further.

I served as an adjunct professor for eight years, and to this day, I have the heart of a teacher. I do more than tell clients that we are going to file a motion or submit a form. Instead, I make sure they understand the “why” behind it. My goal is not to make the legal process mysterious or confusing, but to simplify it as much as possible and keep my clients involved.

My office is conveniently located 10 minutes south of downtown Indianapolis. However, if you have an estate planning need, I can arrange to visit you at your home or another location. I also offer a consultation in estate planning and probate cases.

As an added benefit to those in the Filipino community, my wife and Paralegal/office manager, Maricel, speaks fluent Tagalog.

Schedule a consultation about estate planning, family law or any other area of practice by calling Toland Law Firm at 317-921-0094. You can also reach me via email.