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Toland Law Firm offers compassion and guidance in family law, estate planning, probate and business law matters.

Helping You Navigate The Treacherous Waters Of Family Law And Estate Planning

Helping You Navigate The Treacherous Waters Of Family Law And Estate Planning

In some ways, navigating the legal system can be as difficult as whitewater rafting: the process is often scary and stressful, and it may keep moving forward whether you want it to or not. Without the help of an experienced navigator, you risk crashing into unexpected obstacles. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a knowledgeable lawyer when you’re facing a divorce, custody battle, estate planning matter or a business dispute. Without my help, small mistakes can have big consequences: showing up unprepared in court can have permanent implications for your life.

Divorce And Family Law

Legal support to help you navigate changes in your family.

Estate Planning

Make a plan for your and your family’s future.

Probate And Estate Administration

Make sure that your loved one’s estate passes to the proper parties.

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You Are Driving The Bus – But I Will Help You Find The Right Route

When choosing an attorney, it’s important to choose someone who not only understands the legal process, but who also appreciates the long-term costs to his clients, both financially and emotionally. As your advocate, I will always exhibit the honesty to explain the situation in plain English, not matter how uncomfortable; and I will advise you on all of your options and the possible consequences of each one. Ultimately, you are the one who will need to make important decisions on which course of action is right for you. I will provide thorough legal advice so that you can make the best possible decisions.

I will draft the legal motions and do the legal research to prepare a a comprehensive legal strategy that reflects your interests, but ultimately you decide what strategy best meets your needs. You are in charge.

You Are Driving The Bus – But I Will Help You Find The Right Route

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Schedule An Initial Consultation And Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

When you are entrenched in an ugly divorce, custody battle, or dealing with the loss of a loved one, it can feel like you are all alone. But at my law office, you have an ally. I am here to assist clients in those difficult times. In addition to a sympathetic ear, I offer the knowledge and experience that comes from nearly two decades of legal practice, the honesty to identify the legal hurdles you face and the likely results of the case.

You don’t have to face your legal matter all by yourself. I am here to help. To schedule an initial consultation, just call 317-921-0094 or contact me online. From my office in Indianapolis, I serve clients throughout Indiana.